Advent Enter His 2023 Enter His Rest 2023

Enter His Rest 2023: Connect with Immanuel this Advent

Learn to connect with Immanuel & live from a place of rest

RESIST the rush...
REST in HIS PEACE AND JOY in a new and deeper way!  

- Are you wanting to develop a more consistent prayer routine?  
- Do you long to connect with the Lord on a deeper and more personal level?  
- Do you wish you had a guide and a roadmap for this process??
- Would you like the be able to connect with other women who are also seeking to receive God's peace this new year?
During this prayer experience, you will receive daily prayer prompts, scriptural meditations, and audio commentary to help you prepare your heart to embrace more fully the peace that Jesus died for you to have.  Each day you will receive an email with daily prayers, reflections, and meditations.  You will have the option to read or listen to each days reflection.  (You will also be able to access the content via a separate course page online) And if you choose, you can connect with others via an online community page (not Facebook)  to share your experience and ask me any questions you may have.  

As a licensed counselor, I receive daily requests from people seeking help and support as we live in world plagued by so much anxiety, sadness and confusion.  When so much fear and division swirls around us, we need the support of God and community more than ever.  

I firmly believe that God has designed us to be able to connect and communicate with Him through prayer in order to carry within us His peace that surpasses understanding.  This peace is meant to sustain us regardless of circumstances.  We all know from experience that without the support of other people, it can be hard to persevere in our goals, and a deeper prayer life is the most necessary goal of life! We need each other in order to grow in prayer and maintain a hopeful attitude about our lives and future.  God made us to thrive in community, and so journeying with others who are all on the same road can be incredibly helpful and fruitful!  I invite you to join me and other who are also hungering for more peace on a journey into an encounter with God's love for you that will cultivate a deep rest in your soul...  

I look forward to walking with you...  

Peace in the Two Hearts,

Karen Cruess, MA, LPC 

Two Hearts For HER